TGAP Elementary Program - 2024/25 Admission

As we approach the beginning of a new school year 2024/2025, we are delighted to extend our warmest greetings and with you all a happy new year 2024. We are thrilled to welcome you all to Tezukayama Global Academy for the academic year 2024-2025. Our commitment to personal growth, and character development remains unwavering. As we embarked on our journey together, we would like to shed some light on TGA Primary Program of Tezukayama Global Academy - School Year 2024/2025.
The promising TGA Primary Program (6-yr course), provides the best learning environment to nurture your child's future potential and develop their curiosity. Our teaching faculties committed to providing a learning environment and guiding students to practical problem solving. By incorporating Montessori into our new curricula and extracurricular activities through a variety of Montessori education methods, we strive to develop well-rounded human resources with the skills, knowledge, creativity, and intelligence needed to become future global leaders.
Tezukayama Global Academy (TGA) uses an excellent balanced GYMNASTICS/SPORTS and Montessori/academic curriculum. In which the former is well-known in Osaka Prefecture and around Kansai region, while the latter represents an excellent opportunity to learn more about various academic/extracurricular & Montessori subjects among; Mathematics, Geography/History, Science, STEM, conversation, group projects, Japanese calligraphy, tea ceremony, dance, cooking, music, violin, yoga, creative art, and so on. Meanwhile, TGA offers a unique inclusive education opportunity in which utilizes the Montessori method as foundation and continue to build on it to enhance and open up the developmental possibilities of students.
For more information about TGA Primary Program, take this opportunity to come tour our school and learn about how Montessori students learn, TGA curriculum, and various services and plans. We have limited available slots!
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2024/2025 年度のカリキュラムのご案内
あと数ヶ月で新たな学年度2024-2025 年に皆さんを帝塚山国際学園でお出迎えできることを楽しみにしています。
お子様と一緒に成長でき?帝塚山国際学園TGA 小学部プログラム- 2024/2025 学年度についてご案内致します。
TGA は、モンテッソーリ教育を基礎としてそれらを継続的に発展させて、全ての児童の成長発達の可能性を高め、開くという独特のインクルーシブ教育の機会を提供しています。
TGA 小学部プログラムにつきましての詳細はご予約の上、個別相談会にご参加いただけます。資料のみの送付は行っておりません。
個別相談会ではスクール見学、モンテッソーリの学び方、TGA カリキュラム、また様々なサービスなどについてご説明させていただきます。下記リンクからご希望のコースを選択の上お申し込みご下さい。