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帝塚山国際学園 エリートクラブ


About Tezukayama Global Academy ELITE CLUB


We are a Montessori Education based International School; the ELITE CLUB is our newest endeavor. ELITE CLUB is divided into two fields, an academic field and a sports field, each field is led by highly experienced teachers and our tailored programs will assist each individual participant to reach their fullest potential.




Tezukayama Global Academy ELITE CLUB - Academics 『文』

In Tezukayama Global Academy our vision is to create global leaders of the future. We use the Montessori method as our educational philosophy, we provide lessons of practical daily life, sensory education, Mathematics, Language Arts in Japanese and English, Culture and other subjects through Montessori Education. 


We are an English content-based education provider, students acquire English and Japanese language skills naturally in our language immersion environment emphasized through the Montessori philosophy of allowing children the freedom to learn. Here in our school, instead of bilingual education, we provide our students a bicultural environment, allowing our students to experience different culture firsthand at an early age.


Tezukayama Global Academy ELITE CLUB - Sports 『武』

In Tezukayama Global Academy we believe strongly that education should not be limited to academic study, but enhanced physical education and wellbeing are equally important as to academic aspect on one’s development.


Our gym facility recently completed its renovation and it is aimed to provide the highest quality of service to a large number of young children and adults of all ages and abilities. We run a range of recreational and competitive gymnastic programs. For children our programs focus on the development of one’s overall coordination, including rhythm, balance, synchronization of movement, speed of reaction, kinesthetic differentiation, spatial orientation and movement adequacy.