Access to TGAP 

TGA Access

Access & bus service

Bus A: Yodogawa-ku, Higashiyodogawa-ku and other locations in the northern part of Osaka City.

Bus B: Tennoji, Uehonmachi, Tanimachi, Kitahama, Honmachi, Tenjinbashi, and other locations across Osaka city.

Bus C: Around Nagai Koen, Tezukayama, Kitabatake, Sumiyoshi-ku, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Abeno-ku, and other locations in southern part of Osaka City.




School Bus Fee: Round trip=11000 yen/month, One way=10000 yen/month, Single use =2000 yen, etc.



Address: 2nd floor of Ishiwatari Building, 1-6-25 Tezukayama, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 545-0037 Japan

* There is an entrance up the stairs on the north side.
* On the first floor of the building is the TGA Elite Club.

Access by train

■ Get off at "Himematsu" Station on the Hankai Electric Rail Line. About 1 minute on foot
■ Get off at “Tezukayama” Station on the Nanki Koya Line. About 7 minutes on foot
■ Osaka Metro Midosuji Line; Get off at “Nishitanabe” Station. About 12 minutes on foot
■ Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line; Get off at Tamade Station. About 15 minutes on foot

If you are coming by car

■ About 10 minutes by car from Sumiyoshi Taisha
■ About 10 minutes by car from Abeno Station
■ Approximately 30 minutes by car from Honmachi Station
■ Approximately 20 minutes by car from Uehonmachi Station
■ Approximately 15 minutes by car from Namba Station

* Time may vary depending on traffic conditions.

School parking lot

There is a TGAP exclusive parking lot next to our school. Please feel free to use when you come to our school.

* If there is no avaliable space, please use the paid parking nearby.

School Bus

For the convenience of parents, TGAP operates a daily bus service to and from the school.
Please consult with a staff member regarding the schedule.

  • Usage fee
    • <TGAP regular students / After school members>
    • Round-trip use: ¥11,000  per month (excluding tax)
    • One-way (morning and evening):¥10,000 per month (excluding tax)

<Saturday school>
Round-trip use: ¥ 11,000 per month (excluding tax)
One-way (morning and evening): ¥10,000 per month (excluding tax)

  • Pick up/ Drop off time
    • Monday to Friday
    • Pick up:7:30 - 8:50
      Arriving at the school by 9 am.
    • Return: 
      • Early bus departing at 16:20 

      • Late bus departing at 17:50


  • Pick up:7:30 - 8:50
    Arriving at the school by 9 am.
  • Return: 
    • Early bus departing at 15:00 

    • Late bus departing at 17:00

Please contact us for the after school shuttle bus and other requests.