About TGAP


About TGAP
Access & bus service

Bus A: Tennoji, Uehonmachi, Tanimachi, Kitahama, Honmachi, Tenjinbashi, and other locations across Osaka city.

Bus B: Around Nagai Koen, Tezukayama, Kitabatake, Sumiyoshi-ku, Higashisumiyos-ku, Abeno-ku ,and other locations in south part of Osaka city 



School Bus Fee: Round trip=11000 yen/month, One way=10000 yen/month, One day=1500 yen/trip, etc.



Address: 2nd floor of Ishiwatari Building, 1-6-25 Tezukayama, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 545-0037 Japan

* There is an entrance up the stairs on the north side.
* On the first floor of the building is the TGA Elite Club ( Formerly FORMA Cheesecake restaurant)

Access by train

■ Get off at "Himematsu" station on the Hankai Electric Rail  Line.  About 1 minute on foot
■ Get off at “Tezukayama” station on the Nanki Koya Line. About 7 minutes on foot
■ Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Get off at “Nishitanabe” Station. About 12 minutes on foot
■ Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line Get off at Tamade Station. About 15 minutes on foot

If you are coming by car

About 10 minutes by car from Sumiyoshi Taisha
About 10 minutes by car from Abeno Station
Approximately 20 minutes by car from Honmachi Station
Approximately 17 minutes by car from Uehonmachi Station
Approximately 17 minutes by car from Namba Station

* Time varies depending on traffic conditions.

Information for parking lot

There is a TGAP exclusive parking lot next to our garden. Please use it freely when you come to our garden.

* If there is no space, there is a paid parking lot nearby


For the convenience of parents, TGAP operates a bus to and from the school daily.
Please consult with a staff member regarding the scheduling.

  • Usage fee
    • TGAP Kindergarten / After School Member
    • Round-trip use: ¥11,000  per month (excluding tax)
    • One-way (morning and evening) :¥10,000 per month (excluding tax)

Saturday school
Round-trip use: ¥ 8,000 / month (excluding tax)
One-way (morning and evening): ¥7,000 per month (excluding tax)

  • Pick-up time
    • Monday to Friday
    • Pick up: 
      Arrive at the school by 9am.
    • Return: 
      • 3:50pm 1st departure from the school
        5:40pm 2nd Departure from the school

Pick up : Arrive at the school by 9am.
Return :  Leave the school at 3pm.

Please contact us for the after school shuttle bus and other uses.



  • ご利用料金
    • <TGAP園児/アフタースクール会員>
    • 往復利用    月額11,000円(税別)
    • 片道(朝・夕) 月額10,000円(税別)

往復利用    月額8,000円(税別)
片道(朝・夕) 月額7,000円(税別)

  • 送迎時間
    • <月曜~金曜>
    • 行き 9:00 園到着
    • 帰り 17:40  園出発/15:50 園出発

行き 9:00 園到着
帰り 15:00  園出発