Montessori Environment

TGA Facilities

School Facilities: Montessori Environment & Professional Gymnastics

Montessori Chidren's House (2nd Floor)

The Montessori classroom on the 2nd floor emphasizes the development of an environment where children can play and work freely with peace of mind. Keep the classroom clean and overlook the classroom from the child's perspective. And it should be a place like a house where you can spend your time calmly.

We thoroughly implement these, aiming to practice sports and Montessori education at a higher level, and while borrowing the wisdom and skills of first-class specialists, we are preparing an environment where children can spend their time with great care.



TGA GYM HALL (1st Floor)

The TGA Hall on the 1st floor is a multi-purpose facility where you can play ball games such as basketball and table tennis in addition to full-scale equipment, there are many professional equipment such as professional trampolines for gymnastics, rings, vaulting boxes, horizontal bars, bouldering, and untei.



Lecturer: Montessori Education Master


In Montessori education, the presence of teachers who interact with children is considered to be one of the important components of the environment, as is the case with schools and teaching tools. It is necessary to have an appropriate environment as a Montessori instructor, such as skills to handle and manage teaching tools, an attitude of carefully observing children, and the ability of each person to provide education according to the needs of children.

At TGAP, all teachers are studying to become Montessori teachers or Montessori teachers. Maria Montessori, the creator of Montessori education, has put a lot of effort into training Montessori teachers, but by practicing thorough Montessori education here at Tezukayama International Academy, we have realized the succession of the skills and abilities of Montessori teachers and further development. I am.



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Sensitive Period: Acquisition Timing Discovered by Observation


Montessori education emphasizes spontaneity in children as well as sensory education. This is an indispensable force to play an active role in the world with people of various cultures and backgrounds in the international community in the future. Maria Montessori, who was also familiar with brain physiology, calls the period suitable for ability development the "sensitive period", although there are optimal times for acquiring various abilities.

Sensitive periods include motor sensitive periods, sensory sensitive periods, order sensitive periods, spoken language sensitive periods, letter sensitive periods, number sensitive periods, and cultural sensitive periods, and this intellectual curiosity is spontaneous. At the time when it appears, you choose your own activity and repeat the activity until you are satisfied with your rhythm.

At our school, Montessori teachers carefully observe the "sensitive period" of each child as a helper to maximize the acquisition of various abilities. And when the children are concentrated, they do not interfere with it, provide a free environment where the children can choose their own teaching tools voluntarily, and sometimes they have attractive teaching tools that make them want to try. We have created an educational environment that respects the ability to grow on our own.




Montessori Teaching Tools

We have Montessori teaching tools that can guide your senses to develop in a rational way. The teaching tools are used by touching the hands and the infant has the role of establishing and completing the functions in the process of development. We divide the senses into five senses: sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell, clarify classification, identity, and graduality, and lay the foundation for intellectual development.


Montessori8 Music and others 音楽・その他

Our students also experience Music, Reading/Writing, Planting folowers, Group meeting, World fairy tails, Library day, Occupational experience excursion, and so on.